"There are no viable feral honeybees left in the UK; the future of our honeybees is in the hands of beekeepers.  Blackhorse Apiaries exists for the sole purpose of ensuring we have those beekeepers."

Located near Woking, Blackhorse Apiaries' dedicated purpose is the provision of beekeeping courses in Surrey to ensure the continued education, guidance and support of contemporary, suburban beekeepers.  We were founded in 1999 by well-known local beekeeping educator John Hamer.  John has been keeping bees for over 45 years and in that time has been:

  • A seasonal bee diseases inspector;
  • Surrey County Bee Instructor;
  • A commercial bee farmer, active in both honey production and polination services;
  • An advisor in Kosovo and Albania on behalf of the Transrural Trust.

Today John dedicates his time to teaching at Blackhorse, the Apiary he founded and built.  Courses at Blackhorse are held in our very own, purpose built classroom within our own apiary grounds.  Complementary tea, coffee and biscuits are provided in our kitchen, the hub for friendy conversation between students, John and his volunteers. 

We are proud to be home to colonies of quiet bees which allow beginners to gain experience and confidence - in fact we continue to breed beginner-friendly bees every year.

Ample free parking is available on-site.

As of summer 2019, we have taken the decision not to run further beekeeping courses for students.  If you would like to find a course, please visit the BBKA website [here] which will direct you to an apiary in your area.  The link to course information on the BBKA site is: www.bbka.org.uk/learn