Beginner's Theory Course

Registrations Closed for 2019

Starting in September (and again in January), this 10-week theory course is for anyone considering taking up beekeeping for the first time. Dealing with the life-cycle of the bee, elementary colony management, setting up your own apiary, and basic equipment and clothing, it consists of classroom-based tuition during the winter season. It provides the ideal preparation for our Beginner's Practical Course, but also provides the essential framework of knowledge for those who already have bees and those who ended up doing the Practical Course before the Theory Course.

Each session runs from 7:30pm to 9:30pm and covers two main topics, with a half-way refreshment break.  The course will have a half-term break, so spans 11 weeks in total.

The structure of the course is:

  • Introduction to Beekeeping / Skeps, Nucs and Hives
  • The Beekeeping Year (including pests) / Bee Equipment
  • Bee Life-cycle and Bee Castes / Bee Handling
  • Flight, Sight, Navigation, and Pollen Gathering / Siting Your Apiary
  • Varroa / Feeding Equipment and Methods
  • Swarming and Swarm Management / Frame Making
  • Foul Brood / Hygiene, Boxes, Frames, Clean Comb
  • Honey Extraction and Processing / Hive Products and Legal Requirements
  • How To Get Started With Bees / Swarm Control Exercise
  • Rounding Up / Honey Sampling and Q&A

Our theory course is the natural precursor to our Beginner's Practical Course.

Price £75