Further Beekeeping Course (April)

This 10-week course is for beekeepers who have kept bees for one or more seasons and who wish to gain further handling experience and brush up their management techniques. 

Sessions run on  Tuesdays 6:00pm to 8:30pm.


Topics included in the course are:

  • Colony Transfer on to Clean Comb
  • Swarm Control
  • Queen Rearing
  • Use of Nucleii and Mini-nucs
  • Top Bar Hives
  • Migratory Beekeeping
  • Comparative Colony Assessment
  • Projects (selected by Course Members)

Please note that significant parts of this course are dependent upon weather and the development of colonies and queens.  Therefore students attend at other times for some queen rearing activities, and the course duration may extend to cater for the weather.

Price £85